May 14, 2016 (Home Opener) Games

The CrudeWest started off there season May 24. With high hopes this season. The CrudeWest were hosting there own home opener. Unfortunately it was at the Nor’Westers field. I did not catch the game so cannot report much on it. But was passed on this report:
CrudeWest vs. St. Albert ERU Div. 1 Ladies Season Opener
-Courtney Abel (Wing) opened scoring in the first half
-Jessica Irvine (Full Back) second try in the first half
-Mel Hofstetter (Flank) scored third try off a quick tap from a penalty
-In the second half we took a scrum in place of our penalty on the 5 meter line and drove it in for our 8 man – Ashley Holtz to score
-Grace Box scored the final try in the last 5 minutes of the game
We lost by two kicks 29-25, but were able to get one bonus point.
First senior starts for Rhea Thomas (scrum half) and Alanna Grant (wing) and first game for Adrianna Chong who subbed on for Sarah Farley who had to come off for an injury in the middle of the second half.
Prepping for our next double header May 28. EW1 vs. Clan at Clan 2:00pm and EW2 vs. Rockers at ERP 12:30pm
Third Division:
The “Black Aces” got the home opener for the men going on a hot and sunny day. Down at the Harry Sanders Rugby Park for the LA Crudes 36th season. As field crews scrambled to get things in order, and the usual pre-game chaos incurred. The Crude took to the field against a antsy Edmonton Pirates team. The Pirates going through some rough times recently, having to drop one of their two teams due to lack of numbers. Not good for rugby in Edmonton. (Our founder the living legend that is Harry Sanders was once a dreaded Pirate, and left them to start the LA Crude.)
Kickoff happened just after two and saw the visitors applying early pressure, scoring just couple minutes in. The Crude having filled in some roster spots with double duty players due to lack of numbers themselves, regroup and shake off the early tally and storm down the field. Setting up a ruck where prop Conrad Chapman finds himself some open space and the big man picks, rumbles down where he scores his first try. Convert is missed. As the first quarter winds down the Pirates grind in another try and  sees them up 14-5.Second quarter was all Crude, unfortunately they were unable to find the endzone despite having all territory and most of the possession. In fact, the Pirates against the run of play scamper and score leaving it 21-5 at half. But the Crude spirits were up high as they just had the defending city champs hemmed in their end for entire quarter. After the kickoff to start second half it was clear that bounces were not going the Crudes way. Having worked hard but only to be let down by a simple handing error. The Pirates on this day were capitalizing at many of the chances. Dotting down a few more tries before Crude hit back with two of their own. First by Connor Sher who sliced through what seemed to be the whole team before legging it 50+ meters. Luke Baker also tallied. Both converts were missed. Pirates out in front comfortable 35-15. As the third quarter was coming to a close, Crude always battling hard and putting body on the line for one another, sees young Teddy Carr fly into a contact to help with a tackle. Unfortunately, Teddy came out on the wrong side and was knocked out. With ambulance on scene and scary times we remind ourselves of what a high impact sport rugby can be. Rest and heal up Teddy. With the gloom of the accident, action started on the second pitch. Chris Line punches in a late try but Crude cannot muster a comeback. Pirates hold on to a 57-20 victory. Good game Pirates. Next Game for the Black Aces May 28 vs Druids.
Second Division:
The last game of the home opener sees Grande Prairie Centaurs making the long travel down to the fortress. Leduc and Grande Prairie have had a lot of great battles on the field in previous years. Today however the Crude we firing on all cylinders. Right from the kickoff, 2 minutes in Fijian flyer Siti Coko playing at scrum half for this one uses his speed off a scrum and rounds the corner. Out paces a couple defenders and the supporting runners to dot down under the posts. Chris Line with the kicking duties in this one makes his lone conversion of the day. Crude up 7-0 early. Crude still ramping up the pressure and running great support lines sees them running away with this one early. Tries from Luke Baker, Trevor Macaulay, and Brian “Cracker” Collins first try sealed the first half with Crude comfortably ahead 22-0. Second half starts much similar to the first half. Crude pressing hard on defense and contesting well at the breakdown. Causing turnovers where they would spin ball from side to side across the field. Trying to find the gaps in the stiff but tiring Centaurs defense. GP cannot stand the pressure and the result is Coko breaking away for couple more tally’s (four more tries in the half to be exact) Richard Pretorious, Brian Collins and Rob Ryby see themselves on the receiving end of great support play from the Crude back row of Dane McKinney, Luke Baker and the scrawny Joe Cockram (making his first appearance this season after a Asian holiday) and add to the lead. GP fighting hard all game and rewarded with 20 points in the second half on some hard nosed rugby and couple fortunate bounces. Game closes out Final score LA Crude 69 GP Centaurs 21. Post game, cold beers, cold burgers and great times were had. Luke Baker receiving Man of the Match Honors in this one. Boat race was not much of a race as it saw the Crude crush the beer and lap GP. Thanks to GP for the hard game. Next Game is June 4 vs Edmonton Clansmen.
Lineup: (Forwards) Shawn Thornewell, Mike Griko, Jon Bolton, Chris Line, Richard Pretorious, Dane McKinney, Joe Cockram, Luke Baker, (Backs) Siti Coko, Trevor Macaulay, Brian Collins, Rob Ryby, Dylan Pretty, Connor Sher, Mike Topping. Subs getting on field: Gordie Thompson, Ian Norman, Phil Elliot, Keegan Edwards
Coming Up:
Rugbyfest is this upcoming weekend. No explanation needed here. It is the biggest local tournament with the best social parties. This year the LA Crude Sevens team will be entered in the Elite tournament again. Last year we fell just short in the Cup finals against a good Calgary Saints team. This year the team seems focused on taking home the title. Action starts Friday night down at Ellerslie Rugby Park and ends Sunday with the highlight game being Alberta Selects Vs Ontario Blues. (Alberta has current Crude sevens player Eric Lopatinsky in the line up.) I encourage all people to come down and watch this game as it sure to be a great start to the notorious OTS party! Play Safe everyone.
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Mens Season Opener!!!

On one of the hottest opening days in recent memory’s. (But I have had a lot hits to head). But the plus 30 temps sure made the season opener of the 2016 season one we won’t forget with everything going on. With both mens teams in action to kick off the year. First up on the day was a mini festival hosted by the Edmonton Rugby Union, at the festival there were many Crude faces around with children who were suiting up for other clubs. The young Crude definitely boost the respective squads they dressed for. Disappointing from a club aspect as we should have Crude juniors. Well maybe next season we can launch a club junior program and see the Crude kids in action. On to the seniors, the mighty “Black Aces” 3rd division were up first against a well drilled Lloydminister Reapers squad. A early kickoff and reshuffling of the line up saw the Crude with 3 rookies, couple injured, couple 2nd div players filling out the empty spots. The eldest player Ginger opting not to wear his gold shorts for this one and youngest player a couple decades younger and freshly outta diapers sees the game and season get started with some good defense from both side. Lloydminister controlling much of the play, as they did most of the day but Crude playing hard with glimpses of great phase play. Ten minutes in reapers prop breaks the line and busts ahead, Blake Hamula get in front of him and receives a straight arm that might of brought Blake back to his Ukranian dance days. Feet near armpits and face to ground thud… But manages to hang on for the tackle. Continued pressure sees Reapers score to take lead. Crude looking like it the first game of the season with slight handling errors creeping in just when it looked like they would climb back in the game and Lloydminister capitalizing on the chances scoring another three tries before half. After the half the young pairing of Keegan Edwards at scrum half and Teddy Carr at flyhalf showed that there is good young potential in the thirds this season. Both playing hard sees the hard work pay off and Crude finally scores in the game. I believe it was Hamula’s replacement Luke Baker who touched down for the five pointer. Really just a formality as Lloyd controlled the game and grinded out a 39-5 final score. Crude thirds win the boat race to even it up on the day. Good job “Aces” short turn around as next game is Saturday May 14 vs the Pirates. Mean while the defending second division city champions were preparing for the start of their season. With super Saturday not being that super really, Crude a little disorganized sees them miss manage the time and end up with a short near non-existant warm up. Still waiting for the last couple squad members to finish the 3rd div game saw Crude late for kickoff. Dawned in the new black jersey’s Crude kickoff to the Lep pirates. Right from the kick off you could tell there was a sense of Stanley cup hangover as the Crude saw limited ball and lacking the usual intensity at the breakdowns. After some solid defense the Lep Tigers find a way though and rumble some 50 meters for the first score of the game conversion out front of posts missed 5-0 LT’s. Not long after Leps center breaks line again looks like he going to score but no chance with Siti Coko tracking him down and making the try saver 5 meters out. Crude slowly finding there feet from ensuing penalty and start to build some momentum. Which is shortly stopped with some bad timed penalties, from dangerous tackles to breakdown infringements it was clear Crude would have to clean up their game if they were to be successful. Lep Tigers score a try off a turnover and sees them out to a 10-0 lead after conversion again missed 30 minutes into the game. After the score the game got little more testy, as the Crude started to play little with a little bit of edge. A couple squirmishes broke out and the ref starting to hand out cards like candy. LT’s with one in the bin would see Crude break through out wide with Siti Coko and Connor Sher playing the give and go perfectly to score bringing the Crude within 5. Conversion missed from out wide. 10-5 LT’s.  half time. Half time saw the Crude huddled under the trees trying to cool down. Couple pukes and a good rally chat from bench boss Gordie Thompson and the boys were ready for a comeback. With LT’s player returning from bin and Richard Pretorious going to the bin for repeat infringements the LT’s strike early going up 15-5. Crude starting to feel the pressure re-group in endzone and stay positive. With little niggly going on what seems every breakdown sees Crude turn ball over and Dylan Pretty steps a few defenders and scampers to the line. Trevor Macaulay makes the convert 15-12 Lep Tigers. Another quick Crude score from the kickoff sees Siti Coko juke and jive around the defense touching down in the corner. Valiant effort on convert hitting post but staying out. Crude first lead of the game 17-15 with 60 minutes gone. More scrappy rugby and a few foul words saw Crude down to 12 guys with three on yellow cards. On the powerplay LT’s use the man advantage overlap and touch down to regain the lead. 20-17 LT’s. Not much time left in the game and both teams back to 15 players, Crude pressure for the tying score. Penalty 22M out and a questionable decision from Macaulay sees a cross field kick land short of intended target where LT’s retain the ball. Time ticking away under 2 minutes when great defensive scrum sees Crude steal the ball from scrum and are away. Another high tackle leads to a penalty 10 meters out. Macaulay makes another decision and instead of trying to tie the game with a penalty kick sees him tap to himself and take on the defense. A couple swerves and bounces off defenders sees him crash over for the Try with under 30 seconds to play. Convert is made by Macaulay Crude up 24-20. New rugby laws states that as long as there is time left on clock after try scored there will be a kickoff. Crude looking to close out game sees the kickoff bobbled around. Ref calls for a knock-on LT’s which ends the game. Crude escape with a narrow late victory 24-20. Post match LT’s are no where to be seen, no hosting, no beers, just tears I guess. Maybe there coach was giving them a bag skate?? I don’t know. So LA Crude promptly invited/challenged there sister club Edson Axeman to a boatrace. These are two power houses when it comes to boatraces. Both teams have great talent. Crude suck back the beers like a D-Luck hydrovac and squeak out the victory. Many more celebratory drinks were had in the sun but not overlooked was the fire in Fort McMurray, with so many people out of home not to mention our brother rugby team from up there the Knights, I ask you look deep and try to give support where possible. We are lucky to be able to play the game we love in the city we love Leduc!! Vi Va LA Crude. See you next weekend for our home opener CRUDE NATION.

Jasper 7’s (MENS CHAMPS)

As the snow melted early, and the field repairs done just in time (thanks to the volunteers who filled in with sand) the first sevens tournament of the year was on…. Some call it the best weekend of the year JASPER 7’s. A storied tradition of being the start of the rugby season. Once again the Crude boys would be entering there ever exciting mens team in the elite competition, and the CrudeWest girls gearing up in the ladies division. The Crude would stagger into Jasper with the hopes of three peat on the horizon. First up was pool game vs U of A cubs. A game which saw the effects of a late night at the Athabee (team bonding session) saw the university side controlling the ball early. Not long into the game U of A breaks away but great cover defense from Siti Coko saw a perfectly timed ankle tap tackle, some how the ref awarded a penalty to the U of A and saw them spin ball wide where they sped to the try line only to again be met by Siti Coko who’s dive tackle (to save a try) ended up knocking out the ball and the strong runner. The effects of the hit took its toll as Coko was forced to leave with a  knee slight knee injury. After the break to help him off the field it was the Crude who started to turn it up. Dylan Pretty starts off the scoring on the day with great run. Followed by his manwife Luke Baker, U of A scores a couple late tries and Crude are trying to regroup. A perfectly timed intercept from Eric Lopatinsky seen the big bird stride away, Trevor Macaulay sealed the win 25-10. After a couple hour break the Men were back at it. this time against the Clan. From the opening kickoff the Crude controlled the play with crafty veteran and Calgary Canuck John Ogilvy dawning the black and yellow again to help the Crude. His restarts all weekend were spot on. Allowing the forwards to contest and on most occasions deliver a big hit. As what happened this game when a perfectly timed hard tackle from Trevor Macaulay cause ball to spurt out where Luke Baker who scoops and dashes towards goal line eventually stopped just short but Dylan Pretty cleans up for the try. Other tries from Macaulay, Lopatinsky, Ogilvy, and Richard Pretorious. Crude win big 31-5. With the win the men finish top of pool A and will face the Calgary Hornets in the semi-finals. Calgary Hornets a constant at the top of the Alberta Cup in 15’s. who were well rested and unseen the night before came ready to play with a big squad. But it was the Crude who were hungry to repeat as champs who came out quick. Coko feeling better after a mid afternoon nap was slicing his way through the defense wanting the ball at every opportunity, showing his true class. Crude play a very well game on both sides of the ball keeping Hornets out of the end  zone and win 19-0. With the win it would see Crude go up against the favorites ISL Donkeys. A team made up of  4 team Canada players and the rest prairie wolf pack (defending CRC champs.) But you know what they say, sevens is won on the field. After a little negotiating at the coin toss and Crude being more prepared. Intensity fired up as the ref blew his whistle and the Cup final was on the ball was kicked off into the sun. Crude controls ball, Siti Coko running hard was met at the gain line a few times. Crude recycle the ball and gain confidence. ISL Donkeys proving to be stiff competition force knock on. Ensuing scrum pressure from forwards (Chris Line, Luke Baker, Trevor Macaulay) caused a scramble where Coko pick up and dishes to Dylan Pretty a patent stiff arm to would be Canadian winger Duncan MacGuire sees Pretty sprint off and score under the posts. Convert good Crude up 7-0. Donkeys fire back with some good sevens play spinning ball wide taking advantage of people hiding out wide (catching breath) and Connor Poulin score for ISL. Convert is missed Crude up 7-5 at half time. Second half sees Siti Coko wanting ball off the kick off. Ball retained by Trevor Macaulay and popped to the fleet footed Fijian who weaves his was through the holes and out sprinting Canadian scrum half Jake Robinson, Siti knocks over convert 14-5 Crude. Time winding down ISL Donkeys hungry for the win bear down and grind out a try by Gordie McRorie. The Canadian kicker knocks over the convert 14-12 to the Crude. Time winding down thanks to the pre discussed half length, sees Crude bundled into touch at the half way line. Donkeys quick line out is interrupted by the sounds of full time. A surprised but elated crowd sees the Crude prevail once again in a tight final over a very good ISL Donkey team. 14-12.  As for the ladies team fought valiantly in their two games. Winning the first game of the day vs Edson Axeladies in a early morning combat. Second game would see them up against the eventual finalists U of A pandas. The pandas have a very strong program and seen them regularly in the final of tournaments they enter. Pandas prevail with the win and knocking out the CrudeWest in the quarterfinals. The loss definitely did not spoil the mood as a few girls went and played with the GP Sirens where they would lose the plate final to St. Albert I believe. Good work girls. The post tournament festivities are legendary at this tournament. Costumes filled the street and good times were had by all. There was even a Amazing Race contestants sighting as they raced for the pit stop. You never know what you will see at a rugby tourney!! Great showing Crude Nation!!!


Chris Line, Luke Baker, Trevor Macaulay, Siti Coko, John Ogilvy, Dylan Pretty, Eric Lopatinsky (subs) Keegan Edwards, Mike Griko, Richard Pretorious, Blake Hamula, Connor Sher, Rob Ryby. (Manager) Marcus Beyer


Mel Hofstetter, Kennedy Cooper, Kelly Wig, Veronica Haynes, Victoria Gaudin, Allison Gaudin, Jessica Irvine, Allana Irvine, Grace Box, Courtney Abel, Rhea Thomas, Ashley Holtz, Lauren Oscapella, Rena Nerysoo

Management: Tara Strekies, Dianne George, Siobhan Washburn, Brittany Demers